Adcare Transitioning To A Health Care Facilities Holding Company – Costar Group

Health Board stands in support of mosquito spraying – Berkshire Eagle Online

As of year-end 2013, AdCare operated or managed 46 facilities comprised of 43 skilled nursing facilities, two assisted living facilities and one independent living/senior housing facility totaling approximately 4,700 beds. Of those facilities, it owned 26, leased nine and managed 11. The company said it believes this new business model will help the company unlock shareholder value by reducing risk, enhancing cash flow and enabling the company to return cash to shareholders through a quarterly dividend. Over made a post Alex Simring the last several months, the board of directors has actively evaluated a number of strategic alternatives to unlock long-term shareholder value, including a possible sale of the company, stated David Tenwick, AdCares chairman and interim CEO. It became clear that the companys historical structure as an owner/operator was not conducive to maximizing value. The board identified several such elements including high ongoing expenses, execution risk, and the fact that potential REIT buyers would have to find operators to manage all of AdCares properties. These factors reduced the number of potential parties interested in acquiring all or part of the company, Tenwick said. After careful analysis and consideration, the board unanimously agreed to exit the day-to-day management of our health care facilities and begin transitioning the company to a health care property holding and leasing company. This structure requires significantly less working capital enabling, while allowing the company to pursue strategic acquisitions, he added.
AdCare Transitioning to a Health Care Facilities Holding Company – CoStar Group

Midday Glance: Health Care Equipment companies – Yahoo News

rose $.30 or .3 percent, to $120.17. Covidien plc rose $.77 or .8 percent, to $91.67. Patterson rose $.22 or .6 percent, to $39.75. PerkinElmer rose $.55 or 1.2 percent, to $48.23. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. rose $2.01 or 1.7 percent, to $120.06. Varian Medical Systems Inc. rose $.23 or .3 percent, to $84.28.

Horton said very small amounts are sprayed from slow-moving trucks, at a rate of a tablespoon over several football fields of area. The spraying is done after dusk, he said, to avoid bees and other wildlife. The county program, which also tries to eliminate standing water where mosquitos breed, treats water in catch basins with levacide tablets and regularly tests for disease in captured mosquitos, uses methods that have been proven effective nationally for about a century, Horton said. At this point in the season, “we are getting a lot of requests for spraying, about 120,” Horton said. The areas are primarily in neighborhoods near floodplains and around water bodies, he said, adding that only problem areas are targeted and residents can opt out on spraying for their property. Sharon Shields of Kenilworth Street, who attended the meeting, said mosquitos are swarming throughout her area.
Health Board stands in support of mosquito spraying – Berkshire Eagle Online


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